The Children Have Their Own Homes in a Private Tiny-house Village that a Four-member Family Created

As they are inexpensive and simple to construct, tiny homes will never go out of popularity. The complete family of this Kentucky-based family has constructed a little hamlet of tiny cottages so they may all live together while still maintaining their seclusion. The Brinks family, which consists of parents Keli and Ryan and their two kids Brodey and Lennox, changed their entire way of life from living in a 2,200 square foot home to a cluster of tiny dwellings. They will be able to live more sustainably, spend less on utilities, and be nearer to nature. In their tiny community, there is a larger home for the parents that is 280 square feet, and two smaller cottages, one for each child that is 160 square feet. There is a separate unit for the bathroom that also has a room so it may be utilized as a guesthouse since the two smaller houses don’t have one inside. The village also has a 180-square-foot pool house that can be rented out for family gatherings and game evenings and has access to a swimming pool. The Brinks seem to have given careful consideration to every last aspect because they were able to design the ideal sustainable village for a small population.

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