The world’s oldest tree, known as “Great-Grandfather,” is 5,484 years old.

The Great-Grandfather, a four-meter-thick Patagonian cypress, has been determined by Chilean experts to be the world’s oldest living tree, surpassing the previous record-holder by more than 600 years.Jonathan Barichivich, a Chilean researcher at the Climate and Environmental Sciences Laboratory in Paris, examined the coniferous tree, also known as Alerce Milenario in Spanish, and discovered that […]

The Children Have Their Own Homes in a Private Tiny-house Village that a Four-member Family Created

As they are inexpensive and simple to construct, tiny homes will never go out of popularity. The complete family of this Kentucky-based family has constructed a little hamlet of tiny cottages so they may all live together while still maintaining their seclusion. The Brinks family, which consists of parents Keli and Ryan and their two […]